Pelvic FloorTherapy

We Address Issues Related to the Pelvic Floor and/or Core Muscles

Have you experienced changes in how your pelvic organs function during or after cancer treatment? Occupational therapy treatment for these symptoms involves the pelvic floor muscle group. These muscles support the pelvic organs, assist in bowel and bladder control and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm.

Our Process

We offer several techniques to help you

We will educate you about your pelvic anatomy, function, and strategies to reduce symptoms. Patients can be trained on how habits and hygiene affect overall pelvic floor health.

Individualized care plans

A personalized exercise program is created to train you to isolate, contract and relax pelvic floor muscles. Treatment could involve one screening session before, after, or during your cancer treatment, or you can be followed closely to help you reach your goals.

Prostate recovery and more

Rehabilitation approaches are available at every stage of prostate cancer treatment, including pre-operative, post-operative and throughout radiation. Therapy can minimize the risk of side effects including bladder control, sexual function, incontinence, bowel habits and maximize the quality of life.

Our pelvic floor team can assist with this and many other techniques.

Pelvic Floor model

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