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Urology Partners and Cancer Partners physicians and staff are here to help answer your questions, work with you on treatment planning, and support you during cancer diagnosis and management. We’re here to help!

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Treatments & Care

Urology Partners is committed to providing personal, evidence-based treatment personalized to you and your type and stage of urologic cancer.

Our experts address the many aspects of urologic cancers. We work closely with your referring doctor and other specialists to tailor treatment suited to your type and stage of cancer.

Urologic cancers are growths of abnormal cells that form in the organs of the urinary tract in both men and women and in the testicles, prostate and penis of the male reproductive system. Frequently, cancers in these organs produce symptoms such as pain, and a lump. Fortunately, many of these cancers are curable when caught early.


Understanding Your Plan

Our team has access to advanced urologic cancer treatments through clinical trials. You may not find these treatments anywhere else. Our connection with Cancer Partners allows us to have trials offered by distinct institutes. They are the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in our region.


Some urologic cancers can impact both men and women, such as cancers of the bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands. Others, such as prostate or testicular cancer, only affect men.

Ongoing Support from our partner, Cancer Partners of Nebraska

We have specialists in nutrition, physical and occupational therapy, genetic counseling and palliative care.

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Common Urological Cancers

Prostate Cancer
  • Screening and Diagnosis
  • Promaxo MRI fusion Biopsy
  • In-office MRI screening
  • Radical Prostatectomy (robotic and open techniques)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Focal therapy
Kidney Cancer
  • Nephron sparing surgery
  • All surgical approaches performed open and robotic approaches
Bladder Cancer
  • Bladder sparing approaches
  • Office chemotherapy and Immunotherapy
  • Radical cystectomy (robotic and open approaches)
  • Urinary diversions (continent and incontinent techniques)
Testicular Cancer
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Tumor markers
  • Radical orchiectomy
  • Surveillance, radiation therapy, chemotherapy
Adrenal Cancer/Functional Tumors
  • Functional evaluation
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Robotic and open adrenalectomy

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